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Krein 180th Digital Optimization ServiceS mission

(Dos-180) - updates

At 6:01 p.m. EDT, or 22:01 UTC, on a Thursday of a near past, Krein launched its umpteenth Digital Optimization Services mission (DOS-180) from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. With astronauts Du Hing Sales and Mark E Ting on board, Spaceship separated from Booster's second stage about nine minutes after liftoff. Now Spaceship is traveling the universe with just 1 goal: Optimizing Digital Strategies. Unfortunately on day 3 Spaceship passed through the Accounting Nebula, consequences occur and communication with ground control has been cut off. 

DOS-180 Spaceship Flight Journal

  • Du Hing Sales: Mark we lost communication with ground control! We are alone here and we are running out of ROI!
  • Mark E Ting: Don't worry I studied for this! I think we should increase digital presence!
  • Du Hing Sales: Are you crazy? Other prospects?! I can't help you! I'm busy trying to fix all the existing proposal!
  • Mark E Ting: I can't do it alone! Our ROI on digital is dropping down! We should pass through the LinkedIn field!
  • Du Hing Sales: The LinkedIn field? Do you really want to go where all the professionals are? Can be dangerous for Spaceship integrity!
  • Mark E Ting: No, it won't be! If our campaign is well targeted and effective! Trust me!
  • Du Hing Sales: I'm still behind with proposals and if they aren't out for today then will be useless to get new prospects! And our ROI will drop down anyway!
  • Mark E Ting: Ok for now, let's reduce Outbound efforts, I'm taking advantage of Inbound resources.
  • Mark E Ting: Ehi Du! Our ROI is finally increasing! We are going home!
  • Du Hing Sales: Thank god! I definitely need a coffee!

New call-to-action

This funny analogy is meant to illustrate how in the aerospace sector to invest in digital activities can be carried out. These aim not only at a better alignment between marketing and sales but also at maximizing ROI. How?

the black hole at the top of the funnel

Speaking of the Aerospace industry as a b2b segment, we need to face the common idea of an "only TOFU" market, or rather that B2B Business can only do digital top of the funnel activities to influence the sales process. This common sense is easy understandable if we keep an eye on the usual path of purchase in b2b, it includes complex participation in tenders and the consequent processes of RFI, RFQ, RFP, which are not influenceable according to this thought. Aerospace companies usually concentrate their digital efforts on social media Ads, storytelling posts, short videos.... needed content but how are we moving forward to the request of information? We aren't! This vision limite efforts on create brand awareness without moving further into the sales process or overwhelming the sales department with new prospects while they still need to catch up with existing ones. It looks that this kind of model seems closer to a black hole than a funnel, where anything that enter never come out.

linkedin (3)

Sales dept and plutos' loneliness

Salespeople have a virtually limitless number of people with whom they can have a conversation. Of course, some prospects are less receptive than others, and even less prospects are a good fit for a particular product or service. But every salesperson has more people in his or her addressable market than can be addressed in a lifetime.  So, with so many people to talk to, why does sales feel so lonely sometimes

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when confronted with a sea of faces and names.   It’s even easier to feel overwhelmed when you consider the burden of catching up whit these prospects, without having the real chance to actually doing sales activities. That chance is put aside in favor of the requests salesperson need to compile for the participation in tenders. As we underlined before few prospects are good fit, that means that most of the time salesperson spent on a RFI, RFQ, RFP is gonna be wasted because of bad alignment between company and prospects. On average, the sales team spends only 30% of its time developing new business. Are you sure we can't save that time?


i'm just waiting!

When government agencies, and indeed, private companies use competitive tendering it can take several years to choose a successful bidder. The result is the customer can wait incredibly long periods for product or service, and on the other hand the vendor might loose the tender and waste the time preparing it. In Aerospace, of course, participation in governmental or public tenders is almost mandatory, but using the "waiting for tenders" strategy as the only strategy you have won't lead anywhere.

In stead, Aerospace companies need to have back up plans with private businesses, reachable through integrated activities from TOFU to BOFU.

  • CRM activities
  • Promotions
  • Expos 

Those above are examples of bottom of the funnel efforts that in this specific sector are usually underrated. They lead your company to a better qualification on leads. That turns into a better alignment between marketing and sales dept. and so into a save of time. Time saving and process optimization are directly proportional to your effectiveness on nurturing leads and prospect. An examples of benefit coming from implementing CRM activities:

  • One of the biggest advantage that aerospace companies have when pushing products to market is the existence of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) customers. These organizations are growing in quantity and size every day, and represent great opportunities for business. They rely entirely on their equipment being up and running, so they’re always looking for quality products and support services. A strong relationship with an MRO company should result in repeat business over the years and a devoted customer, a great back up plan.


krein for aerospace

Internet is growing trend. So the  players from the aerospace industry supply chain need to promote their products like landing gear, landing gear doors, center fuselages, tail fans, stabilizers, passenger entry doors etc. and services. On different channels to get visibility and visitors.

Suppose a vendor is searching for a potential supplier for manufacturing of passengers’ entry doors and you are having best machines, latest manufacturing infrastructure to become a direct supplier to this aerospace company. But if you are not visible in top results of search engines with most competitive keywords,  or you don't have a strong presence on LinkedIn, the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%, then it is for sure that your competitor who is present in this traffic, won't end up signing the contract.

So get your products/services in front of your visitors! How?

  • Search Engine Optimization - To ensure the brand is visible on the search engines not just when searched with the brand keywords but also with non-branded keywords.
  • Inbound Marketing - Content is the heart of B2B Inbound marketing and hence generating the following content showcases the thought leadership within the industry and also builds trust on the brand.
  • LinkedIn strategy - To support lead generation campaigns and connect with your audience, to share knowledge with professionals, but first of all to operate Account-Based Marketing.

All of these services aim at increasing your Digital Presence which in turn aim at attracting new leads through Inbound Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation Campaigns. Leads are what influence the most on if your investment is a success or just a waste of resources. Krein is specialized in Lead Generation for B2B players and our services are dedicated to high-engineered industries which include Aerospace. 


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