WHy is crm important?

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WHAT crm stands for?

At its core, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all of the activities, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage their interactions with their current and potential customers.


why is that so important?

5 Reason why CRM should be your business' greatest friend

1. Register your leads and contacts.
You never know when a lead is ready to buy from you. Probably not today anyway. Keep them warm.
It is never too late to start organizing your customers and contacts. You need some basic properties to make your data efficient so that you can implement your CRM strategy to fulfill their needs.
A CRM system will have the whole history of customer trends and habits, even of those you had acquired before installing the systems. This information is crucial for the analysis of the wishes and tendencies of each customer. Once you know this, you will know what to offer them.

2. Track all contacts interactions. 
With CRM, you can gather information from numerous sources including social media, emails, calls and more. Keep it composed in one spot, so you can utilize it when needed. By giving meaningful personalized content, reacting to demands auspicious and talking on what they want to know, a business can improve the level of consumer engagement.

3. Reveals possibilities.
How many prospects have you “not sold to” yet?
Most likely a lot. A “no” most likely means “not today”. Most companies keep their current supplier until they are ignored. That’s why keeping them alive and kicking in your CRM database is so important. You will also be able to track down the time of the day each customer is more likely to visit a website to make a purchase. You will know any time of the year that is most likely to raise demands of a particular product in a particular area.

4. Helps In Reduce Cost.
Another important point about why a CRM system is good for you is that it is very cost-effective. You will obviously wonder how is that even possible when most of these tools are actually premium and don’t come cheap either. Once you understand how to use CRM according to your needs your daily work will become easy and will not take much time as well. CRM software can help in reducing rework and faster sales closure. This assists in delivering high customer satisfaction levels in turn increasing volume of referrals and word-of-mouth advocacy leading to exponential growth in new acquisitions. That translates to Reducing new customer acquisition costs.

5.Automation of everyday task
The best-designed CRM system helps in taking away various regular works. There are various tasks that are required to be done every day for smooth functioning. Works like emails follow-up, daily calls, sending reports, various reminders, are tasks that can be automated with most advanced CRM systems. Automations clear the way for the team that can really focus on closing the leads.


Importance of choosing the right crm

You should consider the various features CRM systems offer and how well they integrate in a unique solution that must be usable by different company's departments: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service.
Having different solutions for different departments that have different needs must be the critical point for you to decide. Here is what we suggest!

HubSpot – one platform to rule them all

Inbound works best when everything’s connected. Sales and marketing departments work best when their activities are aligned. Makes sense!

While inbound marketing and sales can be performed using a Frankenstein mix of WordPress, Hootsuite, Moz, Google Analytics, Outlook, personal diaries and a lot of post-it notes, this is often inefficient and exhausting. Winging your way through an inbound marketing campaign can also put you at risk of missing what’s working and what isn’t. Crucially, HubSpot provides teams with a single platform which brings together everything they do. No more forgetting passwords for dozens of different accounts, juggling admin settings or emailing across endless documents. By managing all elements of your inbound marketing through HubSpot, it’s also easy to see every part of the lead generation, nurturing and conversion process in action. 

Say a lead sees one of your tweets, follows the link to a blog, browses your website, clicks a call to action, fills in a download form and then opens the email you send in response. HubSpot can give you visibility over each and every step of this process.

HubSpot provides a FREE platform for this kind of activities. It's its FREE CRM that can help you saving time and efforts, the following are just some examples. Here what you can do:

  • Use the integrated mobile AppIntegrations_Illustration@2x
  • Upload your contacts on CRM by scanning business cards. (App)
  • Access to your reports and contacts on-the-go. (App)
  • Set up the live chat to connect in real time with your audience.
  • Include meeting links in your website/emails' signature and let your contacts book an appointment independently.
  • Create your own deals pipeline to track conversion rate.
  • Have real-time access to important data (How many emails a lead has opened or clicked, How many employees work at the lead's company, How many pages a lead has viewed on your website, etc..)
  • And many more...

Remember, these are just some of the major possibilities HubSpot Free CRM gives access to.

HubSpot is natively integrable with many software that you might been using until now, starting from the integration with Gmail and Outlook, functional to provide notification in real time on what contact does with your email. For example, if you sent a presentation email to a prospect and you receive notification that the contact is opening it, is probably that the right time when you should take a moment to call the prospect and discuss about your solution while he's reading to your email, his attentions are on you!

So, why hubspot crm?

After functionality got explained one thing is left to be cleared, HubSpot CRM is 100% FREE. So to the question, why should I use Hubspot? We will reply: Because it's free, don't lose your time, grab your free CRM, try it out and decide if it fits you! It might be your game-changing decision!

We offer support during the setup process as well and guess what.... for free!

Call us, together will build your greatest CRM setup!